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Piano vocal coaching

Perfect your voice and accompany yourself on the piano thanks to our lessons for singers and vocal coaching in Tubize. Pascal Suski, passionate musician and teacher, offers individual lessons that combine vocal technique and piano practice for complete training.

Why Choose Our Lessons for Singers and Vocal Coaching?

  • Holistic Approach : Learn to play the piano while developing your vocal skills.
  • Advanced Vocal Techniques : Work on breathing, vocal control, and interpretation.
  • Performance and Confidence : Prepare for live performances with professional guidance.

Course Details

  • Duration : 30 minutes per lesson
  • Frequency : Weekly

Book a Course

Start your vocal and pianistic journey with Pascal Suski.

Our courses are aimed at anyone wishing to professionalize in the profession of singer, providing all the tools necessary for professional development.

As a singer, the ability to easily accompany yourself on the piano is of considerable importance to a musician aspiring to become a professional. This is why we have developed a program specially designed for singers wishing to become professional, including:

  • Practical piano harmony
  • Piano accompaniment
  • Rhythm lessons
  • Harmony lessons


  • You become independent in your musical accompaniment
  • The quality of your performances on stage is significantly improved

Additionally, we offer in-depth vocal coaching, addressing musical aspects and details often overlooked in traditional voice lessons due to time constraints.


  • Rhythmic clarity Piano accompaniment
  • The phrasing
  • Voice pose
  • Than control vocal effects such as vibrato, glissandos and inflections.

So, what are you waiting for to take your first piano lesson in our establishment in Tubize? Join us for an enriching experience and develop your musical skills professionally and independently.

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