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Pascal Suski

intergenerational adaptation

Pascal Su draws his inspiration from the rich tradition of African-American jazz, enriched by his travels to New York and Italy. These experiences led him to rub shoulders with jazz legends such as Cyrus Chestnut, Aaron Goldberg, Danny Grisset, Buster Williams and Lenny White, thus profoundly influencing his musical journey.

Pascal Su is an artist always in search of exploration and innovation. His music reflects his multiple discoveries and his constant desire to push the boundaries of traditional jazz. Through his compositions, he invites the public on a sound journey where imagination and creativity are present.


Discover “The Hive”, Pascal Su's flagship project which combines a unique fusion between urban essence and the dazzling magic of jazz. With his magnetic charm and captivating compositions, Pascal Su and his musicians take you on an unforgettable musical journey. Don't miss the opportunity to get carried away by each note and discover why “The Hive” is much more than just a music group – it’s an experience to live and share.

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