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Play Your First Song in Two Lessons!

Welcome to the Tubize School of Contemporary Music

Want to play your first piece of music in just two lessons? It’s possible, guaranteed and within everyone’s reach!

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Why choose the Tubize Piano School?

At Tubize Piano School, we are committed to providing an exceptional musical learning experience. Our lessons are designed to help you achieve your musical goals, whether you are a beginner or advanced. Thanks to our unique teaching method and our experienced teacher, you will progress quickly and with confidence. Book your first lesson today and let us guide you on your musical journey.

What are you waiting for to meet your piano teacher and share your musical desires? Whether you dream of playing the great classics or the hits you hear on the radio, our school is the ideal place to realize your ambitions.

Join us !

Innovative Method

In our piano school in Tubize, we immerse you in music from the first minutes of class. Forget the years of music theory before touching a keyboard! Our unique approach allows you to start directly with the instrument, giving you an immersive and rewarding musical experience.

Personalized Courses

Our piano lessons are individual and personalized, adapted to each student, whether child, adolescent or adult. This tailor-made approach allows everyone to progress at their own pace in a relaxed, family atmosphere. We are committed to promoting the growth and artistic development of our students.

Close to you

Located just 20 minutes from Nivelles and Braine-le-Comte, our piano school in Tubize is easily accessible, particularly from Waterloo and major roads. Join the big family of musicians and experience unforgettable musical moments!

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Discover our varied piano lessons accessible to all

At the Tubize School of Contemporary Music, we believe that music is for everyone, whatever your age or your level of skill. . The educational approach focuses on the individuality of each student, promoting personalized and inclusive learning for everyone

Pascal Suski


Meet Pascal Suski, our piano teacher and jazz professional, and discover his inspiring musical journey.

Are you convinced?

Book Your First Piano Lesson

Are you ready to start your musical adventure? Book your first piano lesson now with Pascal Suski, our experienced piano teacher in Tubize, Walloon Brabant. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, child, teenager or adult, we have a course suited to your level and aspirations.

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